No motivation, help

i seem to do well with getting up early and meditating each day and eating well. but as soon as i stop feeling disturbed i go back to not meditating and binge eating junk food, until my mind state becomes unbearable and then i start meditating again. I am sick of this cycle, but it seems i want to ‘make the most of the good times’ and so am extremely lazy and stuff… does any one else go through something similar?


nevermind, i read my horocope and its pretty accurate as usual. apparently i have to choose to live better. but i’m not entirely sure how to do that when i have zero self worth… time for a shower and coffee though…

Routine is good. Put some simple goals. I got some joy by buying a fitness tracker. 10,000 steps a day was an early goal and I still do that today.

You have to fight the negatives. Stuff the horoscope. I used to follow the tarot and iching but have found that it’s total rubbish really. You make your own way in the world and currently predicting the future is beyond our technology. Seriously. Concentrate on what you can do now.

I’d suggest. Exercise helps fight the negatives. Start there with simple goals. Walking briskly 3 times a week for half an hour helps fight heart disease and is a good start. I’ve found exercise is a thing that helps you do more. It’s something that becomes routine and that is good for sz.


Keeping up with the healthy habits and enjoying the good times don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Keep up with the meditation, even when things are going well it will help you get through hiccups and stressors that could otherwise they’re you back down to a worse place. Keep up with the healthy eating, but don’t be so strict all the time if it’s causing you problems. If you want to enjoy a treat, do so in moderation. Then get right back to the healthier eating. Don’t fall into the trap of oh, I had a huge fast food lunch so I might as well go all in and eat a whole pizza for dinner and this soda and this bag of chips and cookies. Moderation.


Yeah, true. I used to volunteer, but they are closed until next year now. Yeah I think I remember walking used to motivate me to do more. I guess i’m being lazy because it’s kind of like I can half do stuff but I’m always too scared to go 100 percent because I’m afraid of hearing creepy voices and going downhill again. I don’t always take my meds because they make me really really tired but I am on a 150mg monthly does of paliperidone too. Hmm idk… Looking forward to trying L-thenanine

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Careful with not taking your meds. That can sometimes cause them to not work as well when you start taking them again. Happened to me with abilify.

Not to mention you’re doing yourself no favors.

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Yeah, I definitely struggle with moderation. It seems to be all or nothing for me. I think I must be afraid of crashing each time I get stable, so then I self sabotage. I can’t believe that I can move forward or something. Whenever I am truly inspired the voices break through and call me names which kills my joy and inspiration.

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How long have you had sz? How long have you been on meds that are helping?

Taking the pills works over placebo.

You get receptor occupancy within first 24 hours for most but you get results up to 6 weeks later. It’s not an exact science. Yeah they’re sedating but exercise helps that. I moved from sleeping 10 hours a day to 8 or less simply by adding exercise.

Your playing a dumb game. Take the pills and play intelligently.

i seem to be doing ok on the injection, i can barely function with the risperidone on top of my injection.

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I have had Sz for nearly 6 years, I have been on good medication for about 6 months… but yeah there are issues such as tiredness, plus i become gross and arrogant when i take the full dose continuously and suicidal because i can’t handle feeling absolutely nothing.

You should talk to your pdoc and let them know that the sedation from the risperidone is causing you to be noncompliant. If they know that they may be able to help.

hmm… yeah. i guess i could try and figure something out with them.

Yeah, I mean, you sound like someone new to meds and recovery. The whole non-compliance, self sabotage, waiting for things to blow up, doing so well on meds you think surely you’re fine now and going off then only to wind up back at square one. Pretty much all of us go through that.

Give it time. There are a lot of med choices. If this combo isn’t working, tell your doctors.

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yeah… i’m waty better than i used to be. i wouldn’t go off my injection now. And i don’t think I’m entirely better. I seem to be o…k… just kind of kept on my feet because i know i could hear voices at any minute.

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Do you see a therapist? If not, I really recommend looking into finding one. They can be very helpful.

Especially with the black and white thinking.

No. I’m trying to organize one with my nurse at the moment. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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hi @livinthesun, I hear you, it’s hard. I eat heaps of chocolate when I haven’t been able to stick to my diet & exercise routine. Then I get back into healthy eating. On the whole, I’ve managed to maintain a stable weight for 6 months so I must have more times that are disciplined than times that are choccy-fuelled.

I agree with @rogueone and @LED it’s best to take your meds consistently and just try in moderation to eat healthy & exercise a few times a week. I’m in my mid-40’s & research shows it’s better to exercise HIIT than long workouts for my age group. So I try to stick to that, get my heart rate up to improve overall fitness & cardio-vascular health.

The single most motivating factor in my health & fitness regime? Latest blood test results: my ap’s have given me high cholesterol and too many nutrient deficiencies to mention. That scared the ■■■■ out of me and got me motivated to eat right & exercise.

I understand that meditation done properly has excellent benefits to anxiety & a lot of physical health issues. I never could do it, I have such high anxiety that when I meditate I just tune into terror.

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your age-group? I understand if you’d prefer not to say, maintain more anonymity.

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Hey Phoebe. Thanks for the reply. hearing that you and @rogueone both have sz and still manage to keep up with your goals and stuff is pretty inspiring. sometimes I think my ego is just too comfortable when I am in a good space and I try to prolong my hedonistic tendencies forever… Anyway thanks again, it’s nice to know that other SZ’s are still keeping active. That’s a pity about meditation. It does have some good benefits such as developing compassion for yourself and others. But I can relate to not wanting to feel the intense feelings, I think that’s half the reason I go through phases of meditation. ( I am afraid of my deeper feelings driving me down)…

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I went through the same thing.After my recovery phrase I will get phrase of depression and no motivation