No motivation for playing video games or going for a walk

I have a fast PC and my room is full of gaming consoles. I stare at gaming news on facebook everyday but ever since they switched my medication to amisulpride I’ve basically completely lost ALL interest and can’t be stuffed exercising either.

Unless the task is really easy otherwise I just can’t be stuffed and the voices will scream at me if I attempt to do a harder task regardless of being demotivated.

Anyone got any suggestions or going through/has been through this situation because of their medication? on my previous meds the voices would motivate to play a video game even I couldn’t be stuffed at some moments too but I still play played without an issue back then. I even was able to go for a walk.

I also find myself just sitting outside a lot because I just can’t handle being on my computer all day without without tons of breaks. Nature feels nice though!


I’m struggling with the same thing. That is…my mind gets very quickly tired and also my body feels heavy, so it becomes hard to do things like play video games. TV is a little better because it is a passive activity. The last week or so I have only listen to my radio while maybe doing a puzzle or taking a cup of tea. I find the less stimuli the better chance I don’t get tired of it.

I manage to go for walks though. I just tell myself that I have to do it, even though some days I’m struggling with motivation. But most days I am able to walk for at least half a hour. A walk is rewarding with fresh air and using the body feels good. It’s a good sensation afterwards.

Yeah, I don’t enjoy anything like I use to. In addition to that my concentration is really poor for watching tv and movies. It really does suck to not be able to enjoy the things you use to.

I force myself to take my dog for a walk every couple days. Don’t enjoy that either :frowning:

I guess it could be way worse right? amisulpride is a pretty good medication I must admit it pulled me out of a lot negative symptoms.

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