No more jails! The fight for mental health diversion

Hi all,

My name is Insung Phil Cho. I was diagnosed with schz in 1998. I am a mental health advocate in Los Angeles.

Currently, I am advocating for mental health diversion, no more jails. In 2005, I was incarcerated at Twin Towers (largest jail for mentally ill in the world). The horrendous treatment and abuse of the mentally ill in jail caused me to write my first book, Twin Towers Los Angeles. I have been actively advocating for diversion and treatment in LA. I have been featured by NPR, LA Weekly, ACLU So Cal., etc…

I want to share my story so I can connect with other advocates working on diversion. My book, Twin Towers Los Angeles, is free to download in pdf format at my website: Please go to the bottom of Book page to download.

If any of you are working on diversion, please connect with me. I would like to share stories and ideas.

Thank you for your time. Let’s end the criminalization of the mentally ill.


good on you :heart_eyes:
take care :alien: