No more Insomnia!

I know this is a serious issue for those with sz. And I finally slept a good night of sleep! I even had my eyes feel heavy before so that was a good sign.

But ya! I can sleep again


Did you do anything, or did it just happen?

I was awake for 2 days running on almost no energy due to my disturbed pattern so then that plus my engagement of activities for 2 whoel days let me have a good nights.

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I’m so glad you finally got some sleep! I hope the trend continues!

I had a minor insomnia victory this weekend. I was able to fall asleep without a sleep aid two days in a row!

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how is your alogia doing, are you still fluent or has it come back on abilify?

Can’t tell now…

It used to be like I’d get little improvements…

Now it’s like sometimes I know what to say or not

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Glad I don’t have that on meds, I’m a sleeper, ly down close my eyes and off I go. I only get about 3 or 4 nights a year I can’t sleep

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