No meds yet, why?

It’s been a month since I went to get a doctor, so I have been talking to a social worker once a week, but they have still not given me any seroquel so when I mentioned it, the social worker thought it had been done when they processed me. I know I shouldn’t, but I have started to self medicate because the situation reminds me of the last time I was hospitalized, been creating a lot of art, and blasting music in my ears pretty much always, it’s my fault tho, I thought I could do without a therapist and psychiatrist and meds…beginning to think its not worth it

Obsession is a red flag. Arrange to see a Pdoc as soon as you can would be my advice.

I hope you get your meds, I have to wait until the 16th of march before I see my new pdoc. I’ve been going to the clinic for about 4 months and they are still making me wait.

The social worker took me up front and made an appt but it’s not until April, plus during the last talk, she told me her dad had been in the c.i.a. Is that a test or something?

I have to make art or matters will get much worse, at least with drawing or painting, attempts to stay focused are better

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I hope I get them soon as well, and you, I thought I could make my supply last when we moved, plus it was a new start and it felt good to be free from the system, really wasn’t expecting things to take a nosedive, but hey, it’s better than a bellyflop, eh?:blush:

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I hope you do get them soon, I can’t believe how irresponsible some of these doctors and clinics are.

It’s funny that you mention that, Thursday when I went for my appt with social worker, the front desk lady couldn’t even find me in the system😜 that’s a joke, but it kinda pissed me off too so at least I am feeling something again