No matter where you go

give me a first-world problem.
then contrast it with a third-world problem.

I had a ton of first world problems today,

I knocked a jar of $100 face mask on the floor this morning,

It broke, the actual contents were salvageable, but I had to put them in another jar.

Now no one will know how fancy I am when they use my bathroom.

It goes without saying that the face mask options in third world countries are less than spectacular,

Also, $100 would probably save an entire village from weird, preventable deaths.

Basicly, I’m a monster, but a monster with glowing, radiant skin.

nevermind this thread, folks. I don’t even know any third-world problems.

I can’t remember the last time I read or watched foreign news.

How about:
Mom at the pantry taking 30 minutes to decide which organic box mix to make for dinner has 20% less fat and salt, and the kids are getting irritable because they missed their pre dinner snack.

Nicaragua’s el presidente talking to the servents:
Wash the dining room windows again- those skeletons keep licking the window.
Now pass me another plate of rare roast beast with all the tortillas and Nepal salsa.

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1st world problem: the chance of getting mugged on the street
3rd world problem: getting gassed with nerve agent by a maniacal dictator. Getting raped by the local militia. Getting killed by a local militia. Getting safe drinking water. The women being used as a baby machines by draconian men, lack of birth control, getting enough nutrition, grinding poverty, girls having acid thrown in their faces for turning down a proposal.

1st world: I have to work to earn money to pay taxes so that the govt can buy lots of bombs to protect me, despite actually failing to protect me (since bombs are ineffective against parents and churches), and then continuing to buy more bombs instead of providing the best healthcare.

3rd world: Why did this bomb fall on my head? OMG landmines!


Ummm this morning I had to make a choice between waking up at 8:30 am to have more time to study for my exam or getting more sleep and waking up at 11 am. (I of course opted for more sleep.)

Versus kids who have to get up at dawn every morning to walk miles to get water…or who don’t get to go to school at all…