No matter how much delicious healthy food in eat I still stuff myself with junk!

Some people have messed up thyroid I do
Some people have to eat more from appetite problems with meds I have
Some people have binge eating or a history of bulimia I do
Some people end up spending their lives cooking healthy food for husband and self, next to the junk food I do
Some people were obese children from trauma and copying mums behaviour around food I was
Most women gain a stone in weight in the first year after marriage I did
Some people gravitate towards sweet foods and junk I do
I’m 12 lbs obese
Suffer from self obsession around self and food
This is insane odds to keep to any kind of real weight loss
My mum has always been bigger than me now she is 10 lbs below my lowest weight of the last 5 years
I used to be able to diet
I don’t tend to last a week
I’m filling my fridge with veg and healthy protein
I can’t help myself with cheese or chocolate or cake
I’ll end up gaining more than the traditional 1lb a year past menopause when that happens


tenebrae. i understand. try the exercise route. it truly h elps. hugs, judy

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Thank you
Yes, I do quite a lot,
Not enough lately
Near to giving up on weight loss

Yes I understand.
70% of the stuff I eat is relatively healthy but 30% of it is junk.

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