No matter how depressive things get we shall survive

This is a true story. Back in March 2007 my father had an emergency surgery at one university hospital because he had a hole in his stomach. He survived the surgery but got the stomach inflammation, and according to a doctor at the time 30 % of people with this condition die. But after being in some tubes few weeks, my father recovered and eventually was moved to our local hospital from where he eventually returned back to our house after some physical training by me. When he returned back to the house there were some people who wanted to come and see my father because they thought he would die. But what really happened is this: my father is still alive after these eight years, but these people who wanted to see him are dead. Things go like this sometimes.

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So sad that your father had a hole in his stomach,it must be painful.I am happy that your father outlived all those that think he will be dead,life is unpredictable.I am now binge spending,masturbating and spend much time playing game,it seems something had affected my routine,I hope I can get back to the lifestyle I want…anyway great story