No machine could write this

by Gabrielle B-G

words unsaid the undead constantly whisper in my head

Roses and prophets and the murdering of beautiful redheads
electric cars and coffins for friends
In common and resisting the norm
conforming with the unborn and

failing math tests

truth surfacing on the back of a book
from the blindness of history to the worst of times
emotional prophets now scientists
prescribing politics for narcissists
when I wish I had been born to any other
and was anyone else but me

even when sublime, such a con artist

when all my projections
led to the same dream, the same singularity
and I’m starting to think it would be odd
If I was the one and only
thank God, I’m not, Timmy

Just from another plane, feeling listless
I drafted the anti-thesis of your story
in reverse, the same cause, one the effect
of this accursed satirical universe

The potential vs. the enemy
the cure or some stranger velocity
why the answers were all lies
or illusions obscured, and then
Who elected to choose the winner?

We were alike, asking questions un-insured
and censored, monopolized, polarized
By you know who — and cold like ice
not as versatile as I’d like to be
and he was left behind

what is peace, what does it mean
another theory of everything and chaotic stuff
Evil is so unclean, Mushrooms are tragic
Alice lives in a Mushroom Cloud-dome now
and I made a lot of fairies mad,
Truly — -

its abusive, this divisive time-machine
called a brain It’s insane, this stupid game
Of pattern-making memes, Its obscene
This is all just a dream…

I dreamed I cried out to a monster
and he filled the air with smoke
and the room began to spin until
I found myself in another room

the other side of the hollow moon
resisting the mindless changing of me

you held the other half of my broken soul, dangling
before me on a chain
and it was a key

The demons were clawing from under the earth
I turned dark, turned cold, while they were fighting to save
the sunshine from the sea

the rain falls but we continue to rise
from a world consumed by chance and
a fire sparkling in your eyes
spiriting the ideals of imaginary youth
as if our bodies hadn’t been snatched up
for proof

we will sing in circles, doomed to our false start
And I will walk the bridge through your broken
city of glass, forward staring like a ruby starling
darling dancing in the dark
with my broken heart

for more stupid wars, Princess of the Pieces
A Mosiac of priceless divination
America’s endless powerline
Scientists don’t need Mars. I don’t need
an invitation.

the Master Engineers went too far
and I have always done the impossible
I can defy it and defined this with a colorful riot
That’s why I was their sacrifice

we cheer and dance under the indigo moon
at the idea of one
Mind’s salvation, a romantic variant

An clash with Angels who cried golden tears
the oceans to prove her salience
full of ideas that make our leaders panic
Our unstoppable yearning
delusional rejects or impossible prophets
Saturnalia returned

They braved the snow, those who could bring

the star spring through the fierce weather
some were chosen for their ways, the song of renewed
when everything has washed away
and everyone is a a fool
or a joker’s spade

few could tell the truth

on those cold nights
She shined the brightest, our lady Isis Venus
After she woke up from her solitary hiatus
A haiku was writ for you
A word for which they yearned for too

the beautiful truth of the planets aligned
of our ancestors, the one star that continues to shine
We need both proof and answers

God creatrix the sunshine holding out his hand
God the actor, and mathematician
and Sophia his daughter

Maya, the wheel of nirvana

define Equilibrium Like hidden Mithra Rays
hope for humanity and this

All there is for the Dr. to see is there
slaughtered and picked apart for their forum
a virus that started with a wish that came true
the cure for everything from before.

God the father, the Shining truth
And the wisdom of the ages
Turn the page to get to eternal golden youth
or hide in your libraries
like germs from the one truth, we share

If you don’t even care, it’s because you stare too much
You aren’t there and by the way

■■■■ a white rabbit, its a crutch
Your too much for us Taurus, and touchy

Don’t trust me.