No love or lots of love

Theres no greater love than a man lays down his life for his friend i love that quote. And its kinda funny because i went to iraq in 07 08 for 7 month in the British Army infantry risked my life on patrol everyday and they still did this to me if they can do it to a veteran who served Queen and country i wander they could do it to anybody. i spent 4 years in a living hell but now am getting better it could be worse have being their so am grateful and just living my life spending time with my kids blessed :slight_smile:


Nice to hear from and see you post again. That’s an excellent quote, and I love it.

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Yes its profound very sweet and true. Not being on here for ages being working on mindfulness and this aint the best website for that. I really am grateful dont here voices still have delusions suppose but i dont think they are lol am blessed and i hope you have a blessed day too friend

I thought I would add thanks for your service in the military with your country.

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Thank you but the government dont care they think am a parasite ha! just seen your old post and quetiapine is really good tried most and this works for me on 600 mg have before bed it helps

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Seroquel eliminated my anger like a charm.


I spent 6 years in a living hell in a crappy apartment I moved to when I first moved to this city in 2013. I had to live and suffer every day in that crappy apartment for 6 years. Finally got put on an injection in 2019 after 6 years of hell and the hellishness finally started going away over the past few years. That mental torment was the worst. Fkn schizophrenia!

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