No longer waking up middle of the night to eat

Since adding clobazam and paroxetine I’m no longer waking up at night to eat since months. It’s consistent. My clozapine dose is same as before 275mg.

I have lost 7kg due to this. I also have stopped eating lunch. I’m also planning to stop eating dinner and just eat fruits. Quantity of carbs I used to eat has been reduced.

New meds added
Clobazam 20mg
Paroxetine 37.5mg

Old meds
Clozapine 275mg
Proponolol 20mg

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Hi virgee have u quit taking clozapine …

No I still take clozapine.

I don’t know if clobazam is causing lack of waking up middle of night or paroxetine.

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Have u started working…!@@

No I’m feeling very tired and sleepy due to meds at daytime

I like Paroxetine but it makes me a bit daydreamy, I am always changing my antidepressant medication because I have never found one I am completely happy with.
I eat less on ssri’s but it is my antipsychotic that makes me fat.