No longer preoccupied now bored

Spoke to my nurse yesterday.

Told her I am well. But bored very bored and I need to get out and do more and i want permissions to drive again (getting that soon)

I told her I know why I’m bored, it is because I no longer have all my deep thought I was so caught up in that were so important to me. I could sit for hours at a time. It’s like missing a friend. She said this is a sign I’m doing well and starting to now live without symptoms of this illness.

We are planning on getting me out some more. But I can’t tell you how bored I have been. I miss my multi dimensional important things. But they have gone.

I am still not good enough in concentration to read.

How do you deal with boredom. I am tired of playing video games.


Realize you have already what you need.


I can relate to those deep thoughts!

Before meds I was always thinking way too much. I didn’t know any better and getting on the meds helped slow it all down and let me not think obsessively about everything.

As to boredom…I am always busy even if it’s playing computer games…something I can do and enjoy! Getting fitter and doing things like reading again keep me busy!


boredom is my problem either. I got bored especially when I was very tired. I usually am so tired in the afternoon that I am not able to do anything including sitting in the chair. Then killing time becomes a serious issue for me as I can’t even reading posts or news on website. I don’t play video games. So I just lean on the couch listening to music, or go out to the park for a good walk, or after a rest go watching the online videos of Beijing Opera. I am glad there are plenty of video clips of Beijing Opera on the internet. With such a classic art, you don’t need thinking, just appreciating the beauty of the voice, the dance, the facial expressions, and the plots of the story. To be honest, if I had not been ill, I would n’t have the patience to follow up the performance of the classic arts such as Beijing Opera. They sing and dance very, very slowly. :sweat:

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Have you thought about exercise or movies? Netflix is good. Socialising can help too. See if you can find any regular mental health groups in your area.


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