No longer gaining weight


I take only 3 drugs

clozapine 200mg
paroxetine cr 37.5mg
clobazam 15mg

I no longer crave sugar and my appetite has reduced so much that I can do fasting. I wake up only once middle of the night to eat. I used to wake up 3 times per night. My hypothesis is that paroxetine or clobazam are reducing my appetite. And my benzo(clobazam) is helping me sleep better and without any interruptions in sleep.


Whats up @clinic…!!! U seem to doing good…!!!

What are u upto…???


I wake up early these days due to reducing clozapine from 275 to 200mg. I still have panic symptoms, i will request fluvoxamine to my pdoc on next visit.


@clinic whats the therapeutic dose of clozapine…!!!


Depends on plasma levels; threshold for response is trough plasma level of 350 ng/mL


I’m on 325 of clozapine
I am not allowed higher dose due to plasma levels and risk of fits


I already take a benzo for myoclonus jerks which is a type of seizure. My facial muscles start twitching if i dont take the benzo


that is good news about the sleeping better and no longer gaining weight. took years for me to find a combo that worked. did it take you that long?


It took years and years for me to find a combo that worked too. For me they just didn’t have the advancements in medication technology to help me yet.


I had a good combo, stopped me from gaining. But I Just stopped on of my aps a couple of days ago and my appetite has gone way down and I’ve already lost a couple of pounds. I’m getting my hopes up for more weight loss.