No judgment please. I need some kind words

Thank you🤧


Thanks, monte💗


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you will be a great mum, yea, @Human

and like the others said i think what you are experiencing is normal.

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Yeah, that’s good to hear!
I am feeling better this morning so hopefully those thoughts/feelings don’t come back


It’s normal to feel that way. It’s a huge life change and it’s natural to get very nervous about it. You’ll be ok.

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I think feeling like that is pretty common.

My friend’s wife said the exact same thing before she gave birth. That was about 18 years ago and she ended up being a great mother and all her children turned out great.


That is very relieving to hear!!



It is probably the result of your pregnancy. Your body is making another human being, and it is being flooded with hormones right now. Just remember that it is part of the process. Talk to your doctor to see if you can get anything that will lessen these symptoms. Best of luck. We are all with you.


Glad to hear you were feeling better this morning @Human.

Do you have a midwife or another medical person you could mention your anxieties to, if they come back in the future?

I think you’re going to be a wonderful mum. You’re already caring and being considerate for your daughter. When you meet her, I’m sure that love will grow even stronger :sunflower:

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