No judgment please. I need some kind words

I feel depressed. Like I made the wrong decision to have this baby. I feel bad for her already and worried…
Not that I don’t love her already and want to see her… I just feel bad that I am bringing her into this world and like I’m not good enough to take care of her.

Idk if it’s cold feet or what but I feel guilty


I think its a normal feeling. It will pass.


Thanks, Aziz. I asked a friend who is also pregnant if she’s also felt this way and it seems she has


I feel like every pregnant woman goes through this phase.

You know you love this baby,

You’re just a new mom and it’s scary.

Like super scary.

I’m sure you’ll be an excellent mother and just fall into that role.

Don’t feel bad for feeling this way, cry it out or whatever you have to do.

But don’t put yourself down for a perfectly natural reaction.


Oh my yes dear human, those are perfectly normal feelings to have.

You want to do the best you can for a child, it can become easy to worry about perceived short comings.

Just having those feelings tell me much about you wanting to be a good mother. That’s the important thing.

It will never be perfect, but I believe you will do everything you can to make your child’s life a happy one.

clomp, head shake, curtsy, jump

That’s the llama dance of motherhood! You got this! Llama is cheering for both of you.


That’s good to know…

It is super scary, maybe it is kind of like cold feet then…

Thanks, I feel like I am horrible for feeling this way.


Lol thank you🤧

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Only happy tears allowed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m serious. I came from a single mother, she showed a strength in giving me a happy life that I will never truly be able to fathom.

Hard? Yup! But I would never change a thing. I love my mother very dearly for everything she’s done and given.


I think it’s totally natural to run the gambit of all human emotion while pregnant.

You’ll be a great mom, @Human :+1: :cherry_blossom:


I hope my daughter will feel the same way about me. I put my mom through hell in high school… telling her I wish I was never born and stuff like that… I adore my mother. I just hope my daughter never feels like that, wishing she had never been born.

Your mom sounds like a great woman


i imagine its just nerves, like when people get married they get nervous as well and start overthinking things. This pregnancy is such a blessing :slight_smile: try not to let the doubts get to you! its a beautiful thing, and i dont think anyone ever really feels ready for parenthood, you just do the best you can. God will do the rest :slight_smile: :heart:

Thank you💗


It’s just kind of annoying/scary I’m feeling this now cause there’s only so many weeks till the due date, but it does seem like it’s a pretty normal feeling to experience

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Totally… maybe it’s just cold feet… or my hormones going bonkers lol

I’ve heard that from a few people… no matter what age you are, you’re never really ready for parenthood😬

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Everyone else has pretty well covered the bases on what I might have said.

I’m sure that you will be a great mom Human.

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Thank you very much

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I also thing you’ll be a great mom. I think what you’re feeling is a normal thought that may occur during pregnancy. You seem to have good common sense, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

I researched pregnancy a bit after my nephew was born. She had post-partum depression. I learned it’s a real thing.

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Ignore your negative thoughts. Your baby is gonna be an awesome kid growing up. you have come this far dont give up, because she is made from love and kindness which is parts of you.


You have an unlimited credit line for (((hugs))) from me @Human.



I think you’re going to be a great mother @Human ! :blush:

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Thank you🥺 @schizophrenisaurus

I am feeling better this morning

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