No happiness. What to try?

Stimulants make me happy.

Its the come down thats sucks.

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I call myself Jinx because I foul everything up.

Set goals and work to achieve them

How do you change your name?

Just tell me what you want it to be and I can change it.

I want my new name to be “alasangel” Thanks for your help!

It helps to have a holistic approach to one’s wellbeing.

Do you exercise?
Do you have a balanced diet?
Do you have a practice to relax?
Can you get a massage once in a while?
What do you like to do?

I find being close to nature helpful. Also taking stock of what you have to be grateful for and practicing gratitude. Some people become suicidal over small problems and some people persevere and overcome huge challenges. It’s all a matter of perspective. Know you are not alone in the fight!

Best wishes,

Just dont think about happiness and you will be happy.

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I find supplements such as those truly don’t help me in the long run.

What I find helps me is eating healthy.

And avoiding excessive medication.

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Try hemp. I’m in remission from a heavy intake of cbd. There’s nothing more joyous than not having to manage sz.

Your real name is lock n key right? Was it because your mother was constantly misplacing you? Lol. Joking.

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Maybe get a few cats. Go for walks. Do some light reading. Above all, talk to your pdoc about antidepressants.

Haha :laughing: you silly !!