No hallucinations or delusions

Wave, I think you mentioned this. I’ve never had hallucinations or delusions. I have disorganized thinking and extreme social withdrawal and negative symptoms. Over the years I’ve been diagnosed by 8 or 10 SZ or SZA. I don’t know about that, but I know that antipsychotics going back to Thorazine have brought me out of psychosis - stopping talking and doing things completely + the state of mind that came with that. Though it’s been hard after reading here I consider my self lucky to have not had the disruption of positive symptoms.


As I’ve ambled through life I’ve met a fair bit of people who have been afflicted this illness. The people who have high positive symptoms have said they are really glad they don’t go through negative symptom. You are not alone in saying your glad you haven’t had positive symptoms.

I guess we just sort of stick with the devil we know.