No Fap reboot

It works pretty well. Seems to clear the cognitive symptoms up pretty well. No serious side effects other than slight sexual dysfunction- but that could be due to other things.

Is that the only med you’re on right now?

LOL no.

I am a walking pharmacy- it is a real problem.

What do you take if you don’t mind sharing?


Sheit, and you function well?

And you take two blood pressure meds?

Mouse you are indeed a dark one sir… I resonate with the “little professor” thing… my thoughts almost universally come in as explanatory speech as if not an internal preponderance, but one that is already prepared to be shared.

I think that may have set in when I realized that the best way to learn is too teach.

So it goes, it’s highly annoying. I woke up this morning with Carl Sagan monitor-burned into my imagination. Him responding to all my thoughts as I clumsily tried to carry on without making unnecessary comparison or criticism of the character.

Led me down a profound train of thought wherein I realized the folly of my father and the difference in me regarding many other individuals because I was relatively free and spoiled as a kid, but I knew my father was indebting himself so internally I always knew I stood on a castle of sand and was indeed very poor.

Something I’m really running into these days is rationalizing the placement of credit lines in one’s personal finance. I have 400 in savings and owe the bank about 170 at the same time. I could cancel it out and have my savings reduced… or use the stress of it properly as a reminder that if I want to get where I want to be I gotta start controlling my consumption.

I can hold onto my savings as the reassurance it’s there and the play a more hypothetical “pay-off the debt” game… where the victory is keeping my savings and having the debt settled without slipping back to that borderline I’ve been riding since my job change… which was a truly stressful and dismal state. Pay day is on monday… and I’m hoping… fingers crossed and all that… that I can settle the debt and still put something aside.

3 more paychecks this month. One to the auto… one to savings… and then this next one to debt/savings…

I really really want my tip money itself to provide me with food and coffee and perhaps enough to get a drink on rare occasions.

I’ve been typing away at ■■■■ for 3 hours though and computer interfaces and video games are getting boring af.

Ain’t much one can do these days from the hours of 4 and 9 am when house has been properly kept and the world is in sleep mode.

and all the same… with all that said and done… my mind feels the unrelenting need to keep thinking… for better or for worse.

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I function, yeah. And yes, I take two antihypertensives because I am agitated.

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I enjoyed that. I also sometimes think as if I’m about to make a speech or teach someone.

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Yo cats… thought about messaging you earlier. You seem like a good new member here. Just going to throw you kudos on that.

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HOLY ■■■■


Standard no fap is now in session.


Thanks man appreciate it :smiley:

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what’s the difference between no fap (hard mode) and no fap (standard mode)?

does hard mode mean sitting in a public library for 8 hours…

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Hard mode is no porn and never masturbate

standard is no porn and seldom masturbate


Monk mode is no porn never masturbate no sex

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I’m on hard mode

“hard mode” should be renamed “non-male mode.” lol lol lol lol lol

What do you mean?

don’t worry.

anyhow, @AmateurUnlicensedQuack, I understand how porn could be bad for a dude. but masturbating doesn’t seem bad… as masturbation stems from natural thoughts and has no artificial basis, right?

also, there are probably consumable meds you can take to suppress your libido. it will make no-fap standard mode easier. lol

you could probably have your libido surgically removed.

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