No Fap reboot

my virginity can confirm that sex is not a human need.
lol lol lol lol lol


Personally, as a girl, I couldn’t do no fap. I can’t handle that.

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Does this include sex? Cause I don’t fap, I got me a wife lol. But I’ve never thought it would reboot your brain. I know too much corn is bad for you.


lol if I could have legal intercourse, then I would. lol lol lol

I wouldn’t care what anyone else says.

legal: fully-consented and non-monetary…
I don’t live in Nevada, sadly :’( 

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Omg I just realized what you ment by legal lol…

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This is the best and realest comment on this topic.


It’s true, too! haha

I find it to be a compulsive habit/ coping. Which ends up with me wasting a lot of time lol. But I don’t really feel it affects me much. It’s more of a "I’m bored, I’m tired, I’m stressed, I’m excited, I’m happy, I’m feeling reckless, basically any excuse is used to do it. Hmm almost sounds like an addiction


I need to do this too

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loooool man…

that is basically it.

Waking up with a hard on.


i can go months without sex, but my partner can’t she is ready to go quite often.

why is continuing humanity (through intercourse) important? lol lol lol lol lol

sounds like a criminal mind… lol lol

pic’s unrelated but cracks me up. lol lol lol


I am thoroughly convinced that Freud was right about men doing everything they do just to get sex and food.

In real life, I look and behave like a masculine, rough, even pugilistic young man, because I am, I even have a tribal tattoo and shyt. However, the joke is on society because I actually hate myself. People who actually know me know a very intellectualizing schizophrenic, not a d-bag.

I am more like a little autist like a little professor, like the original “autistic psychopathy” Asperger boys, literally called “autistic psychopaths” and “little professors” by the clinicians who researched them, but I am actually a case of sociopathy completely revamped by drugs, trauma, and brainwash.

Its complex…a lot like fictional antiheroes, actually. There is an article about how strange my personality type is (prosocial dark triad). Other, less altruistic members of the tribe include president Dolan Duk.

What does this have to do with playing with my ■■■■■ like an addict? The fact that my profile is addictive as ■■■■. And that I have been playing with myself like ■■■■■■ insane, addicted to it.

I was once a real sex addict, I think I was actually happy back then. That is so ■■■■■■ up. Honestly, I think it all comes from how abusive I was towards myself as a teenager. I didnt even kiss until I was 20, but I was uh hmm how do I phrase this…more dangerous with a pen and with weapons and with no weapons by age 19 than most men ever are. Its called psychodynamic. If you are raised in isolation, you will grow to desire sociality, and on that note, if you are raised without ever eating, one day you will crack and eat ■■■■■■■ everything.


How old are you now?

Wait never mind you were the one who told me about Welbutrin and Rexulti. You’re 23 right? With the degrees in law and psychology?

No degree in law. But other than that, yeah. Im on haldol now.


How’s it working? I got put on thiothixene and it’s the best AP I’ve had so far.

Wanking makes you fat having 7 wank a day and the snacks that go afterward will balloon your size.

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So you became insane after no fap and before weed ?? And now you think it will improve your mind?

there’s nothing wrong with trying to get sex and food, as long as the means and consumption are respectful.

sex shouldn’t be disrespected… but its abuse should. some men start to hate sex, but sex is actually beautiful. it’s only bad when it’s abused or against consent.