No Fap reboot

I think I need to do this ■■■■ called no fap hard mode. Its when you stop all porn and masturbation and it reboots your brain. I just spent the day with a friend of mine who does it and he swears it helps with everything.

I will now go 90 days without masturbating or watching porn. Now I have heard of some ■■■■ called monk mode where you are like zealous about it. Like wont even look at suggestive things, like looking away.

This and no TV and the job I have been in a series of interviews for and the LSAT and the diet and exercise should just reboot my brain. Also off xanax and on haldol.

This is gonna be intense. I did it when I was a teen, it worked until I smoked weed.


I’m on day 41. Good luck

lol lol lol it’s easy for non-males, I think. lol lol lol

as a dude and a romance poet, I get excited a lot.
avoiding corn was challenging. I still master though.

what’s fap? i’ve heard it as a meme.

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I’m on day zero good luck


I don’t know how this works for females but I haven’t masturbated in over a year and I never watch porn. Hope it’s helping me :slight_smile:

I have been a Buddhist Monk at one point in my life, and a devout Christian before and afterwards. I have never heard of these thing described above, but I can tell you honestly as follows.

1.) To pleasure oneself is a sight and symptom of self indulgence and inter conflict.

2.) To Always be watchful of nude sexual opposition / ( the sexual partners you dream of ) is similar to the first one I just mentioned.

3.) To find purity within yourself . you need to start doing the following :
a.) Make note that the naked person you see in a porn is like watching someone’s son / daughter…'
Because that’s whom they actually are, and it could sadly be your own kid on that video :frowning:
{ This will reduce your interest in this material. }
b) Masturbation is a natural self indulging occurrence . That most due from and over abundance of internal
Hormonal issues / mating drive. It is also a sign of underlying issues of self worth / self acceptance.
" To nip this in the bud look at Look at sub section a.) and b.) … It may help slow that down / stop it
4.) To become aware of yourself in a way to open your mind as well as your sexual desires within the real world you must learn the following :
a.) You are accomplished within your self as well as within your area of exsistance.
b.) You must admit you have self worth.
c.) Realization of not just your individuality, but of all those whom are around you.

I hope this helps in some way shape or form… I also hope I’m not looking like a giant fruit loop gone on a shooting word spree. If I have said this wrong or over step in anyway or offended anyone I apologize as well.

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Reboot? Is this so you can more easily be with a real woman instead of having porn brain?


@Sunlion I want to be gay, I will make genetic modifications to make me gay,
recommended for everybody.

Agreed. Gay is preferable. All the parts are more familiar to work with, and no surprise babies.


Let me get this right … Before, you did this and it led to smoking weed but this time you do it you think it’s gonna improve your mind ??

I was going to ask that too. but for each man his own. it’s an interesting challenge anyhow. I’m just worried he might crack and smoke weed again.

I’m optimistic though

No, I was straight edge and then I became insane and started doing all of this retarded crap like smoking weed and drinking heavily.

After seeing my friend “reboot” his brain, I want to do it too.

Jerking off is a drug.


Makes for a good sleeping pill :stuck_out_tongue:


It makes us weak


With all due respect, you kind of are. Masturbation is perfectly normal. It is not a symptom of self-indulgence and inner conflict, it does not make you impure, it is rarely due to hormonal issues and it’s not a sign of underlying issues of self-worth or self-acceptance. Where do you get all of these ideas from? I’m pretty sure it’s not science. Masturbation is usually a good thing. It gives you pleasure, relieves sexual tension and lets you explore and get to know your own sexuality.


Yeah I was going to say that in moderation, masterbation is perfectly normal and healthy.


I know when I finally broke away from porn and excessive masturbating I felt somewhat relieved of them.

As it was I felt disgusted and sick watching it after a while.

I don’t think you should feel deprived though of them completely.

I think you have to genuinely be sick of it though to quit it. If you “try to avoid it” you’re unconsciously still “looking at it” in a way. So to me, “looking away” is actually building up that inner sexual tension and/or creating a fear around it.

“Don’t think about it, just look at it!” - Buddha

Good luck with the reboot.


this might be effective for father’s, but that wouldn’t have really helped me. maybe it’ll help OP. back when I did watch, videos with people (who looked like my mom) turned me off.

even though it makes you weak, you have to ask yourself: is it a necessary weakness to overcome?

corn was necessary for me to overcome. mastering was not. but not watching corn has greatly reduced the number of times I master. so I kind of overcame both anyways. hehehe

hell yeah man,…

It’s true though you can really form the weight and presence of sexuality inside the self.

I get carried away and let it become to important… wind up smoking a whole helluva lot more and drinking and the downward spirals continue…

Sex is cool, but it really isn’t that big a deal. Shouldn’t be seen as a human “need.”

I know the best sex I’d never think I’d wind up having is all in my future with women far prettier than I thought I’d ever get to do that with.

I play for keeps anyways… stealing hearts. Got that demisexual element to me where I really only want that to be an act of exchanging love… got that real heavy romantic drip and depth to it… like uuhhhh… real gutteral uhhhhhh

Get them girls melting and tingling and ■■■■ with the right touches…

and hopefully one of them will want to settle in with me for the long haul.

Still to the day I really don’t get along well with folks in the long run and would rather have a fulfilling private life with a woman and not be concerned with much of anything else beyond it. Got a few friends who hate that perspective… call it mutual solipsism… but I’m pretty much made for it. I really got confidence in knowing what to do in that scenario if the girl is actually happy with herself and wants that kind of thing.

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Sex is not cool, but I agree that it is not a big deal, it is absolutely meaningless.
In the past it had its function for the continuity of humanity but things will change in the future
(in fact have already changed, see artificial insemination)