No emotion, WTF?

I know I seem like a normal person but I have absolutley no emotion and its hard to smile. I enjoy the finer things in life Im not sure what to talk about. I need a good cry but havent in forever. Maybe Im just dead, I dont know. I thought I was dead before and i was proved wrong. Thanks for reading my dumb rant


When you’re in constant stress from chronic brain inflammation, it’s hard to have normal emotions.

I remember during the worst of it I was just angry all the time. Nothing but some degree of anger, towards everything.

Nowadays I can feel pleasure about things. Genuine enjoyment.


That’s normal for us.

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Im very happy you can feel pleasure, I wish I could

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True that to the max

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I feel like I’m made of plastic and my emotions has been diluted to the point of numbness and I can’t cry or even feel human anymore …

I remember when crying was a thing lol

Its due to lack of neurotransmitters in certain parts of the brain.

Our medicine affects the dopamine chemical in our brain. That’s where a lot of pleasure feeling comes from. So it’s basically blocking those senses. I always say I feel like part of my brain is missing.

I laugh more now than I did when I was first medicated. But my parents are also funny people.

I don’t know if its the meds or the disease, I think its both. I have no emotions too. Just anger, no pleasure, no sadness, no laughing, no happiness, etc

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Same here. No emotions even towards my daughter. Feels like someone has wiped this part of the brain. Recently I finally felt anxiety. I was about to make breakfast (first time in three months, cuz I’m in a hospital now) and I felt anxious and a bit mad. I felt it right in my throat. As if it’s burning. I was so freaking glad I finally felt something. Wish I could feel more, no matter of it’s a good or a bad emotion.

The only time I can feel some pleasure is basically when I’m manic, otherwise I’m just going through the motions.

I think that these APs were also designed to tamper down our emotions.

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