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No easy answer to the question of forcible medication

Nathaniel Ayers has had many triumphs in his battle to function despite schizophrenia. But he lands in a courtroom, and difficult calls must be made.

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My understanding is there have been some cases won that people cannot be force medicated unless they pose an imminent danger to themselves or others. Of course then it comes down to arguing what constitutes imminent danger.

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The call has to be made on an individual basis. Just from personal experience, NOTHING made C. compliant, and I knew he wanted badly to direct his own life. There were times when he had to be forced. He is going through Mental Health Court now. However, he has become more stable-more than any other time in his life–and he is making his own decisions about meds, where to live, etc…The court has also eased up on some things. At this point, I would not force anything on him. I agree it is a tough call. It is never a black and white decision.

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