No delusions

I don’t think I have any delusions. Is that a sign of me getting worse or better? I hear a lot of voices. And my thinking is not very good. A lot of anxiety. But no delusions.


I’m rooting for you. The delusions are the hardest part for me. Glad that symptom is fading from you. This week no delusions. Next week… tackling the anxiety.

i had tranxene for that, it works very well.
it is this one

also it not hard and didnt have any side /effects when i stopped the medication.
except a small increase in anxiety.

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i am really happy for you , i hope some other symtoms disappear aswell, maybe all of them will !
take care


Thank you guys. At the same time I’m afraid I do have delusions but I don’t know what yet. That is scary. To not have complete control.

I have a strange feeling something big is going on and I will soon find out what it is. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. But something is about to burst.

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