No coughing or fever

I’ve had no coughing or fever in a while now. Was able to go outside and enjoy some coffee today. I had some Arby’s which was good. All I had been eating was salads and soup. I’m drinking lots of Gatorade and water. Once I get fully recovered, I’m thinking of looking for a job on a farm. Figured I’d get out and help pick food for the public. I was thinking of just staying in and watching from the sidelines, but the farm close to our house is looking for workers.


I’m so happy for you @Cici2! :hugs:

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don’t go pick food…if you get the virus again you could die…stay safe dear…so glad you recovered !!

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Thanks. I’ll stay in then. I don’t want to die. :scream: I’m just glad I made it out ok the first time.

Someone’s got pick vegetables.

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