No Cogentin

So due to a missed appointment, a misunderstanding and not checking my messages in my cell phone sooner, I have been without Cogentin for at least a week. I had a really bad morning on Wednesday and I called in sick to work and now I’m wondering if not taking Cogentin played a part (I also only got 4 hours of sleep the night before). And I can’t get any refills until I see my doc in person which will probably be Tuesday at the earliest. I went to Jack-in-the Box earlier this evening because I had a coupon. I ordered inside but took my food to my car to eat and listen to music. For a moment I felt like I did Wednesday so I’m wondering again.


@77nick77, My Nursing Drug Handbook says to never stop Cogentin abruptly. You should taper off gradually. It says so under the Alerts. It does not list the consequences for stopping the drug abruptly. I suggest you call a 24 hour Walgreens or other pharmacy and ask the in store pharmacist about the consequences of abruptly stopping Cogentin. Maybe you can call your pdoc on call for a renewal of your Cogentin script.

I take Cogentin too.

OK @SkinnyMe, thank you very much. Very good information. I’m at a restaurant right now but next stop: Walgreens. Enjoy your day, because someone should and it’s not me, because it’s 98 friggen degrees here.

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