No cigerette since 20 days

Congrats by the way!!


I haven’t had a smoke since July 3rd


Tip of the hat to you guys. I’m probably gonna quit once I run out.


I’m sorry to hear that!
Don’t give up, maybe there is no longer a shortage–ask your doctor if you want to keep taking it. But the Zyban might work just fine. :slight_smile:

Yes it is hard to stop, even when smoking a small amount. Years ago I had the same problem. Smoking 4 dumb cigarettes a day :sweat_smile:
I finally got disgusted with the smell and the cost and was able to finally stop. Chewing gum and sipping hot spearmint tea with honey helped too.

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dude thats a lot of cigarettes

Are you a millionaire?

Once you make a few more posts on the website and you’ve proven you are trustworthy your privileges will increase and you’ll be able to share links and stuff. I ran into the same problem when I was new, it was frustrating, but understandable.

Welcome to the forums!