No brain, no Fun

I have not had my sense about me for many years. I slowly slipped into insanity. I don’t want to talk bad about medicine because that’s all we have at this point in History but the Latuda I took today at noon made me lose cognition for about six hours. Tomorrow I’m taking it with the side effect medicine because it really sucks to be mindless and restless. I can’t take another medicine because I’m all out of options for mood stabilizers and Latuda doesn’t cause me to be excessively hungry or tired. I’m going to see how well the propranolol works tomorrow and if it doesn’t then I’ll ask for the other antidote for akathesia. I’m more gone than anyone I know so being knocked out cognitively is worse for me I believe. I have been unhappy for many many years. I feel good tonight sitting in the dark listening to music and relaxed( the Latuda makes me feel restless for the first six hours after taking it. If I am tired I can sleep through the problem, which sounds weird ).

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