@ninjastar’s cats

I reached my limit of replies so here’s your cats:


Woohoo Halloween cats!

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Ugh, Sorry @Manny. System just freaked out on you. I fixed it.

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The system software flagged this as spam. :joy_cat:

@Manny I’ll manually unhide all of your posts that the system software flagged as spam and greyed out/hid. It’ll just take a few minutes.

You will owe my three pictures of dogs. Just kidding!—we don’t want the system software to go haywire again. :grimacing:

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WTH I was wondering why all his posts were flagged. I read them and said “that’s not too bad of a thing to say :grimacing:

Sheesh! No sooner did I manually unhide all of @Manny’s posts that the system software flagged/hid as spam, then all the posts were hidden by the system software again. I will unhide them all one more time and if the system software hides them again, I will curse mightily and just leave the posts greyed out. :grimacing:

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