@ninjastar Religion? Are you serious?

You can’t possibly believe that my post was “religious” in any way. If anything, squirrel’s intervention made that even clearer. Are you seriously going to use the word “shaman”, in the particular context in which I use it, as a pretext? That would be like calling “religious” a post that referred to philosphy as a “broad church”, or to moralising as “sermonising”.

Also, hours ago you liked one of the comments. Clearly you didn’t think back then that the post was religious. Is this you looking for excuses to suspend me?

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I think there is no harm in making a kind of connection between shamanism and sz, but if mod invokes religion it’s probably because there is a risk of szs who have religious visions being triggered by the post


Knock it off @NotSeksoEmpirico . Reopen another closed topic and you can sit our a week.