Nine foot tall , mute and annoying!

i have a new friend , yeah ! it is something i have not encountered before it looks like a spectre, or something nine foot tall, white and i can’t get rid of it.
everything else i manage to get rid of ghosts, demons all other creatures.
it felt like for a time it was stroking the back of my neck/blowing on the back of my neck, creepy .it is still hanging around . it feels like it is trying to tell me something…what exactly !
i have no fear of anything in life, but i don’t like things hanging around/close to me it annoys the ■■■■ out of me! !
but at least i can talk about it on here and it is normal to you guys which is nice.
take care

hi your not alone for sure I have those kinds of friends too they are like black shadow people…they hang around and sometimes they touch me and give me creepy feelings…they don’t say anything or ask anything of me theyre just there…being annoying.

yeah i don’t like things touching me , that is a big no, no.
i am glad to hear some one has seen the same or similar, a lot of sz i have heard talk of the dark/black shadow people, i personally have not had them hanging around, i have dark angels but they are friendly.
but welcome to the sz site.
take care

Things occasionally overstay their welcome in my house, I have quite a lot of patience to allow them their say/idea. When they get touchy-feely, I lose patience and demand they exit, quietly, and take their friends with them.

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