Nighttime anxiety and loneliness drinking escapism

i notice at night i get kind of anxious and especially when i am alone get lonely i feel like i need to drink and escape my thoughts, even if i had a good day ill still sometimes at night feel like i need to ingest something to ease me into enjoying my night time activities like reading comics or watching netflix than sleeping.
(i used to would drink alcohol at these times but now ill just drink some strong kava, i dont think kava is much of a problem for me other than the nausea ive been getting just lately. but its not about what im consuming when i feel like this, i just dont understand why ill feel so off at night

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You don’t have family or friends to talk to?
If not you can talk to ppl here.


I’m sorry you’re feeling anxious. Maybe the nighttime triggers you because there are less distractions.


the only family i really talk to is my mom, i dont talk to any of my old friends anymore, i try a few times but it seems i always would have to be the one to initiate conversation and get left hanging alot

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Yea me too so I cut contact with them. But I have one remaining friend that I only talk online, we only talk about one subject, technology and electronics. It helps to have a subject shared by the other. He doesn’t call me everyday though, last week I texted him, he didn’t respond or call.

Today we played CoD online for 30 min. He’s busy with work, friends, gf and family. I keep texting him bcz I don’t want to loose him. He doesn’t like when I call him so I text him and let him call me.

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