Nights Out, party time? or home

would you rather go out on a night out and meet people, have a drink, be merry

or stay at home and just chill

  • stay at home and chill
  • party time, dancing, music, social
  • both
  • neither
  • its a dumb question

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there should be a 6th option. Man Cave. :sunglasses:

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My man cave is perfected.

It will be a shame if I get a partner and they change it all!

Luckily I don’t think that will happen, for better or for worse.

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Parties aren’t really my thing unless there’s cake if there’s drinking and/or drug use, but if I had a couple of friends who enjoyed hanging out at night, eating, exploring, panty raids, stuff like that, then I’m all for it.

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i think Mancave would come under the option ‘home’

I’ve got Woman Cave perfected.


I don’t like nightclubs. I don’t mind going to a quiet pub every now and then for a drink and game of pool but overall I prefer to be at home.

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I’ve done the whole clubbing thing. Not anymore, I’m too old. I just want to relax at home.
And if there’s drinking involved, I prefer to do it at a familiar place with people I trust.

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I get drunk in not a nice way after one pint so i don’t drink anymore

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@Pikasaur i’m the same, i’m older and idk if i have the energy but i need to get out to meet new people

@anon94176359 its cool, you dont need to drink alcohol, i’ve went out and drank free water all night before lol (at the pub nearby)

I asked my younger female friend Laura if she wanted to come out, we are both heart broken atm :frowning:

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I don’t care what day it is or if there is a party or not. At 10:30, I’m asleep.

Drinks and meds don’t mix. Ever.

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Now and again ill go to a bar/restaurant and have cocktails.

Its rather fun !!

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