I would always quit medication too early because i thought it was giving me my nightmares. Whelp it turns out that its all because of my schizophrenia! Its a darn symptom!

Yeah, I’ve had nightmares and I agree it is part of sz.

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I never get nightmares, I haven’t had one in a couple of years. I get a lot of dreams though and I always feel as though I have never had sz. Kind of lucky I guess.

I get nightmares.

I never have nightmares

I used to not want to sleep in the hospital because I had a recurring dream of drowining in a car that was in a lake. it was awful. im not sure if it was the initial side effects of the ap cos I had just started out on it or if it was the illness. I think personally that it was an interaction between the ap and the illness for me but it subsided once the illness was under control