Nightmares, night terrors, lucid dreams

I hear voices and for the past 2 years I’ve been having nightmares, night terrors, and lucid dreams. The same voices I hear on a daily bases seem to haunt me in my sleep. They’re there when I wake up and they’re there walking and talking to me while I dream.


I having this to. Stay strong

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What do you’re voices sound like

my voices more like strange thoughts are generally accusing me of wrong doing

i found mys elf to be defecient in vitmain b6 and am planning to take it i beleive it helps in bring down nightmares and make it pleasent. let me see if it has any effect on voices .

                   thank you

i am reading books by carl pfeifer on viotamin b6 also planning to take centella asiatica and brahmi for dreaming

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Like cartoon characters how about yours

Most of the time like the people I’m around

Me too. Voices are more common in my dreams than in reality. But since i have a hard time telling dreams from reality (even when awake) i find the voices in the dreams bothersome too. No fun!

You’re most vulnerable in bed. Seems like a good time for this intrusion to occur. It wants to terrify you, which in turn makes you more psychotic, which in turn terrifies you. It’s a vicious circle. The only escape from these vile hallucinations is find the right anti-psychotics. Break free from those who seek to bind you in these nightmares. Recovery will come.

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do you mind if i ask how many hours you usually sleep?

This happens to me every day and night also. I never get a break from them. I have wished for more positive uplifting dreams and voices/entities, though have probably have had only a few occurrences since the year 2015. It is constantly putting me in fight or flight mode and consistent terror every second. As for the dreams they continue to get worse, more threatening and terrifying than the previous. Isolation, exercise, reading, and meditation is my way of coping with it best.

Since I started hearing voices, I also started hearing voices during dreams about half the time. Can’t even get away from them in my sleep.

My dreams are wacky. They are no less real than reality itself.

They are always based upon a trap of some kind. When the horrendous trap is just about to succeed, I wake up.

as per carl pfeiffer vitamin b6 reduces stress and converts nightmares into pleasant dreams

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What anti-psychotic medicine are you taking? This used to happen to me until I switched medicines. They don’t show up in my dreams anymore and they stopped talking to me. But every now and then, I get sleep paralysis. I guess it’s a side effect.

They actually run skits for me while I am in REM sleep. They’ve caused a full blown orgasm, caused pain, and run what I call, movies while I sleep. They use their images, tell me things without words, talk to me, and control when I wake up during their movies/dreams. Crazy huh? No wonder some think it’s technology. What they do is far beyond my understanding.

Rember this is all gonna pass

When i came off my medication recently i got the horrors but when i am on medication the horrors are gone.
A bit like the twilight zone.

I use to deal with the same problem. Talking to voices in my sleep and having lucid dreams with the voices waking me up at night. I got zero rest from the voices. Now two years later I am able to have really good restful sleeps again and have normal enjoyable dreams. I am currently on loxapine and seroquel.

Hope this gives you some hope.

I think hearing voices strengthens the dream state when you are sleeping. When my voices were the worst I always had the most lucid dreams. And it wasn’t until I had voices that I started to dream every night (the only benefit). The only problem with dreaming every night is that sometimes you don’t want to get up and just enjoy dreaming.

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