Nightmares early to bed

Has anyone ever noticed that they have nightmares if they go to bed earlier than the night before?
This has bothered me for sometime and now I go to bed around 3am every time and I don’t have nightmares. Has anyone else had this happen?

I have no idea. Perhaps it is your medication wearing off by 3am? some medications can make you have vivid dreams and or nightmares. For example, mine makes me have nightmares, it has an effect on those receptors in the brain. I take Geodon.

Melatonin can cause nightmares too. But besides a psychopharmacology angle, I just don’t know dude.

No. I’m pretty sure it’s not the meds. I take eleven pills at bedtime including 750mg of Seorquel which helps me sleep. But ever since I moved out of the psychiatric boarding home I was in for 9 years I have noticed that I have nightmares if I try to go to bed early. I also wake up a lot to see the clock at repititious numbers ( 4:44 , 5:55 , 12:12 , etc.). It seems Satanic.

I was waking up seeing repetitious numbers like 10.10, 1.11 etc. Even through the day I would see them.

I hated it. I thought it was some kind of message.

That’s what I thought - that they were messages. I don’t believe in hell but they seem Satanic.

It’s really off putting isn’t it?

Yes, but I try not to read too much into it.