Nightmares/dreams that feel like reality

When I went to take a nap today I had this dream that I had taken prescribed pain killers that made me drowsy and like a high feeling. It was kinda scary but felt very real. I was in psychosis the whole time. When I finally woke up I was in panic. I was sweating like hell. I haven’t had a dream like that in a while.

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I had a nightmare like four days ago that I was psychotic and got involuntarily committed, and thought in my head oh god no I’m trapped in a place again for probably weeks… then just yesterday I texted someone about the dream, and had another dream last night where I was committed again but this time not in a dream but for real… then I woke up and it was a dream. It felt really real though.

Nightmares suck lol. I keep having bad ones and it makes going to sleep not fun. Not only do I have to listen to voices I gotta put up with nightmares too? Hopefully they go away soon.

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Exactly I feel like my I gotta deal with psychosis, hallucinations, voices, paranoia, and the one time that’s all shut off I gotta deal with nightmares!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

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I’m scared to go to sleep…can anyone advice me on what to do?

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