Nightmare - food related

Just woke from a nightmare. I don’t dream much and i certainly don’t have nightmares. I was in the tub playing you tube. My little sister called my name…I thought I heard her or something else. I’m not sure why but I went to run the water, but it ran itself. Something else happened automatically. Then my phone went berserk. So I went to check on my little sister. She was fine but she was in the wrong place. It was night and she was in the living room chair. There were some beads leading from her room to where she was. Now i wake up and she’s sleeping in the living room. I heck her breathing. Her facial expression. Any bad feels at all. She seems fine.
I have to say this was after eating grits today, after avoiding corn for a few months. The exact day. Immediate sign. I think it’s my body saying ‘lay off the grain’. I woke in such a way that i could feel the blood flow through my back. That used to happen before i was medicated. It’s 1:54. I’m awake and my body feels it’s time to get up. I’m back in hyper drive. No more corn!

Edit: it’s weird she was actually in the living room. I couldn’t have known that…

You have the same thing as I have, seeing dreams, nightmares and other ■■■■ just before waking up. It is actually very common.

I haven’t had a nightmare in over a year. Then the exact day I introduce corn back into the diet, I get one. I know it’s common to feel wide awake after a nightmare, but i can feel the effects. I’m not frightened. But I’m shaking. Hot and cold. Can’t get enough oxygen. Everything I had before.

Yes, sometimes these are very disturbing as my fetus dream was. I told about it recently to my psych nurse and she said these dreams come often just before waking up because we enter into the stage of light sleep and our brain activity increases. Sometimes these dreams are so real that you think you are a part of all that ■■■■ which may make these more disturbing.