Ugh the demon was in my dreams last night. It was awful. Me and my brother started getting these threatening letters telling us to do random things or else. We ignored them and then really bad stuff started happening to us so we got scared and figured some crazy maniac was stalking us for whatever reason. We decided to do what the letters said, each of us had different tasks. The tasks became more and more difficult towards the end of the letter to the point of becoming impossible. (Like getting my 7 year old sisters to run a 25 mile race) You had to do one task per day and if you didn’t there would be a consequence. The more tasks you missed the more severe the consequences would become. Whatever was most precious to us was threatened, so the lives of my pets and family were at stake. If you completed the tasks on a letter you were rewarded.

The first task was to go to a certain play. So I did and was watching it and suddenly I felt an incredibly dark presence behind me and I knew it had been the demon sending those messages. There was a burst of darkness and people were thrown from their seats. A panic started. I was too scared to move and sat bolt upright. It was saying terrible things to me and then to torment me more it started unzipping my dress and unsnapping my bra. Luckily it left before anything else happened. I was so scared. It told me we were meant to be together.

I’ve been shaken up all day. I feel like I can’t ever escape.

I have nightmares too, every night.

last night I dreamt about things, involving a parasitic organism taking over humanity, like 28 days later, (the movie), with humans pushed to tundra to escape the virus. Teenagers were sent to fight the infected humans, and I recall a teenage girl with a damaged face, much like a boxer’s, walking back with blood all over her being consoled by an older man who was also a solider. He said that life is just a force that will not stop, it simply does anything to sustain itself. That was the end of the nightmare. It rings true to me because life really is just an object that is in motion. “Life will find a way”- too bad that it often competes for the way with other forms of life. Very sad. Made me feel sad. People often feel good or do well at the expense of others.

I suggest drinking a coffee or tea when you wake up, it clears my mind and jump starts my brain. Makes me move on from nightmares.

I don’t worry about the dreams where something terrible happens to me. I worry about the dreams where I do terrible things to others.

You should write this as a story

we should start a nightmares thread, I would post every morning

I think it maybe can be looked at as a relief when you know it was just a nightmare. Even if they’re terrible, and even if you have them every night; you wake and there’s an end to it and you recognize that it wasn’t real. There’s a relief in that…?

Every time I think he’s gone he creeps back into my dreams to remind me he’s still watching. He was speaking to me in the shower and when I got out. I was scared.

I once had a nightmare that described this disease perfectly. It was where there was a bull in the family front yard that was constantly goring me but was leaving my brothers alone. I could see it in a pen it kept escaping but my brothers couldn’t. The bull to me was schizophrenia and it is a part of the family but I am the only one it affects right now. After my Uncle died I became the only one. And in my head after my dream was over and I woke up a voice claiming to be that Uncle explained the dream to me. I am relieved when I wake up and find a bad dream was not real but when I talk to a dead loved one in a dream or have a pleasant one I’m sad it’s over. In one dream I saw my parents playing as a young couple then woke up to the reality that such a thing would never happen again. Then the next night I had a dream where my Dad was yelling at my Mom abusively and was glad it wasn’t happening any more. I also remembered a reason they broke up.

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