Night time disturbances

For the past year I have been having regular seizures and odd things happening in my sleep. New things and voices and hallucinations happen on the regular so I’m almost used to it. There is one thing that happens almost all the time and that is that there is a loud fan growing louder in my head when I sleep. I don’t sleep that much because of this and it hurts really bad. I am a unique individual in that these things were caused specifically because of staring at bright lights for a long time.

Have you spoken to your GP/Pdoc about your seizures? Some anti psychotics increase the risk of them occurring so they sometimes put people on anti epileptic meds, which can help!

I sometimes also hallucinate at night and find music is helpful, so I set a 2 hr timer on my mp3 player and listen to it on speaker most nights!

I have been taken off anti-seizure medication, it didn’t do anything. I also listen to a lot of music while I sleep too.

I guess they might consider a different med? Have they also considered sleeping tablets if you suffer from sleep disturbances? They did for a friend of mine who suffered from night terrors, but their quite addictive.

My CPN used to go on about sleep hygiene, doing things each night to set you up for a good night.

Like having a bath, having some milk and things like turning the lights off not playing computer games late at night and listening to relaxing music.

I’m going to try and sleep through these problems and I have a prescription to Ativan that will help me with that.

According to wikipedia lorazepam (Ativan) can also help with seizures, you learn something new every day!