Night terrors

My son lives with his dad and stepmom. I just got off the phone with her and she says he’s been having night terrors. Does anyone know how to stop this

my daughter had them, I was told it’s a step in their neurological development that passes fairly quickly. It should pass and everything should go back to normal. My daughter also had sleepwalking around the same time. If I remember right it only went on for a couple months and then just went away on its own just like the dr said. They can try limiting caffeine, that might help too.

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Very helpful thx

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Yes like leaf said if he is a child this can be normal and the majority of kids will grow out of it. If he’s an adult and this is happening to the point where it gets really severe you can try SSRI’s which are I think the main form of medical treatment for them. (Again with a child I would not recommend this only if an adult)

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