Night owls’ cognitive function ‘superior’ to early risers, study suggests


For example. Early birds usually work a morning shift. 9-5 jobs are associated with lesser intelligence requirements than a flexible schedule. Thus, people who work a morning shift are in general less intelligent.

I don’t see it as an ‘x causes y’ thing. As in if you start going to bed later you’ll gradually become more intelligent.

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I think the fallacy is the inverse: “more intelligent people go to bed later.”

I wonder how much hours slept is a factor. Is there a difference between going to bed late and sleeping 4- 5 hours vs sleeping 7-8 ?

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I know people who do alright with 5 hours of sleep. Personally, I need around 9.

I sleep about 5 hours on average.

I imagine it depends what time each subset takes the cognitive test?

expert reaction to study on sleep, chronotype and cognition | Science Media…

I am a bartender and stay up late many many nights. I hope this is true.

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