Night gazing Therapy

I live in a medium light polluted area, however I own two binocs and the moon was real bright tonight. I often wonder about Gravity and physics also the colossal distances it is to the moon, sun, and other points of light. Maybe a wormhole could be possible. Traveling at 93 mph it would take you 100 years to get to the sun. But when we look up its overbearingly bright and very hot in summer something a lifetime far away. Not to mention distant galaxies. Our moon shines so bright because it is the closest object to earth.
And I ponder how come it seems the earth rotates so slow we don’t notice it immediately but in actuality it is spinning really fast but it is so huge compared to us.

I need a dobsonian and a better clearer observatory spot. I like look at regular Stars also you can watch them glimmer, red, and blue ones real Titans of the sky.

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I always wanted to learn (about) the constellations. I’d like to have a good place to look at the stars, too. At my grandparents’ when I was a kid, we’d see the Milky Way - a long cloud of stars across the night sky. Sometimes you will see a satellite go by now - moving, but slower than a plane.The moon is a special friend. I don’t see why everything seems still why we are turning either.

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I once saw the whirlpool Galaxy through a large refractor. I belonged to a local astronomy club and we all took a trip to visit a guy who built a huge domed observatory in his backyard in Canada. Really nice dark skies there.

I also used to like to see the Orion and Ring nebulae and star clusters like M13.

Many years ago I helped build a small observatory on my school campus. They even had a ccd detector but it only had a whopping 512x512 pixel resolution.

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I’ll will never forget the night sky in Hawaii. The stars were so close. The big dipper looked huge! Apparently the equator as really good views. :slight_smile:

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Sounds nice - -

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It was. There was magic in the tropical breeze that night. My brother pointed out a few constellations as we stood on the porch. Priceless.

Even nicer - - -

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last night we took out the telescope and observed the Moon…a storm was coming so you could see clouds moving over the Moons surface… made it look more like the clouds were on the moon, not here…

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I heard Arizona has star communities. Where everybody that lives in one are usually astronomers. The best night sky I seen and was privileged to was atop Pillar mountain at Kodak Alaska. Was almost if I didn’t need a telescope at all. I mean the stars were brighter than in my current location at night by several magnitudes.

My favorite view I may add has to be Saturn. It’s so awesome to see those rings. And it’s moons too.

Got to give credit to Hubble space telescope. I read the James Webb is going to be infrared. I really hope they can find an earth identical like exoplanet. It’s already amazing astronomers find any planets at all orbiting these distant star systems. Do you still think earth is as special, meaning a one of a kind planet in the whole entire universe?

When I was in my teens, I was a seriously avid amateur astronomer. I had a 4 and a half inch reflecting telescope for a few years before my dad sold it. I located all the constellations visible from the Southern Hemisphere and Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (my favourite). Since then I haven’t really stargazed but I have a pair of binoculars and would love to start again. Summer has passed and I still haven’t gotten around to it yet, but in the winter, the Milky Way will be directly overhead and there will be a lot to see. It’s true that its therapy!

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I gazed at the stars when I was younger, as a teen.
I used to love looking at the Heavens at night - pretty cool stuff

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idk how we dont get dizzy all the time and fall down lol

I saw somewhere on the internet that they had discovered a rocky, earth like planet only 12 per cent bigger than earth. They have found quite a few planets that are the right distance from their stars to have liquid water. They’re all like seven or eight times bigger than earth, which means that if you went there, and you weighed 200 pounds on earth, you would weigh 1600 pounds on those planets.

Sorry to hear your dad sold your reflector. Now I’m not to up to tech but I heard they are nice and expensive like cassegrain. I don’t know really what kind is for me will have to research but I think a dobsonian for the price and power of magnification. I just have some Orion 10x50 they give a nice sight of the moon. I bet in 50 years the power of the Hubble might be hand held who knows

At 12% more Earth gravity you would roughly experience yourself weighing 25 more pounds. It would be heavy tugging yourself around. I don’t even think life could occur at that much extra gravity. As for those huge exoplanets idk

The universe is expanding like a loaf of bread. Cosmologists are trying to deduce the fate of the universe. I think they are measuring star distance techniques whether or not the universe might reach a certain expansion. Then implode in on itself a Big Crunch. Scientists would like to know and I often wonder myself what is that thing out there filled with so many galaxies. I feel overwhelmed as a human but if we could know the secret nature to cosmology that would be the biggest discovery ever

Life could occur at that much gravity. It would just be extremely hard for life like us to occur. They’re finding life on earth in many places thought too hostile for life to exist. They’ve found life in some of the deepest parts of the ocean where sunlight can’t penetrate and where water pressure would crush our nuclear submarines like an aluminum can. They’ve found life in deep Anartic ice. They call such life forms “extremophiles”, because they can exist in such extreme environments. We might could adapt to life on a planet where we weighed 1600 lbs. The military has been working on building metal exoskeletons for soldiers that enable them to carry huge loads over distance. Something similar might enable us to survive on such planets.