Nicotine Rehab Centers

I do not know if there are nicotine rehab centers in this world, but these might be useful. In my society there are rehab facilities for drug and alcohol abusers, but not for nicotine abusers.

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This is funny, I have waited some feedback for this nicotine rehab center matter and when I speak alone in Finnish saying ‘ei ole tullut vastausta tähän kysymykseen’ meaning ‘have not received any answer to this question’ I receive a voice of one woman whom I have known in the past saying ‘eikä tule’ meaning 'the answer does not come. It is funny.

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I am sorry you still hear voices sometimes. Zyprexa is supposed to be good at suppressing voices and delusions. Are you on Zyprexa? Maybe not the right dose.

I do not get voices often, just sometimes, but not frequently, maybe few times a day. Yes, I have strong meds and these help me a lot, without meds I could not live properly.

Currently, I am free of nicotine. I am using Nic-A meetings.

Formerly, when I researched it, if one had the money, there were some fat farms that would occasionally open up to a one or two week stink for not smoking. But I did not have the money.

I’m using the 12 Steps of Nicotine Anonymous. Specifically, I guess I have a normal looking life, particularly as a person who doesn’t use nicotine. Also, I’m certain not smoking is going to save me money. Nevertheless, I have financial problems, and relationship problems, and other problems, that I cannot figure out, and I think I’ll just have to put my faith in a Power Greater Than Myself.


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In my society people use nicotine a lot, although there have been steps taken to prevent the nicotine use such as hiding cigarette packs behind closed doors at the grocery store, but still 18 year old teens know brands and can buy this which is a very common problem in my society. Maybe they should stop selling all together, but then the nicotine lobby would get angry. They have limited the tobacco imports by persons to the country to 12 packs, although people can bring hundreds of litres of some alcohol drinks back from places such as Tallin, Estonia.

In my society the teenage drinking is also a problem, just yesterday when I was at the grocery store I saw how three teenage girls at 18 were buying alcoholic beverages and then started driving on their auto to consume these beverages. Alcohol abuse is very common in my society. There are places for people to stop this habit, but these do not work always. I know one person who has been many times in the alcohol rehab facility, but has still continued his drinking, have not seen this person in half a decade, maybe he still lives.

Although I am so close to Russia, my society does not have similar problems that the society of Russia has where the great number of people die to drugs every year. In the past 12 years I have never seen anybody using drugs in my society and in the past many years I have not really been involved in the lives of many people and so the culture may have changed a little, who knows?

Often people see the EU as one common area with same laws, but it is not so. In this nicotine matter, a person can import hundreds of packs of cigarettes to England as long as these originate from the EU area such as Estonia, but a person can only bring 12 packs to my society from Estonia. There are differences in laws.

A little off topic but the nicotine rehab center idea made me think of the hangover heaven place I saw on the news. Its a clinic in las vegas that hooks people up with hangover to IV’s, gives them vitamin shots, and oxygen. They even have a bus that will come to you or your party.

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