Nicotine, Negative Symptoms (anhedonia), and Cannabinoid Receptor CB1?

Anyone on this forum uses nicotine to help with anhedonia, or other negative symptoms, as a long-term solution?? I was thinking of buying an e-cigarette to see if it does anything to my anhedonia?

From article 1 below, nicotine has been used by some people to help with anhedonia and negative symptoms.

From article 2 below, chronic nicotine treatment increases endocannabinoid levels in limbic regions.

From article 3 below, Cannabinoid CB1 receptors are involved in motivational effects of nicotine in rats, and also, nicotine administration ultimately stimulates the release of dopamine in the dorsal and ventral striatal terminals, notably the NAc (which is the abbreviation of Nucleus Accumbens).

From article 4 below, CB1 receptor is related to negative symptoms, at least in drug-free patients.

From article 5 below, tobacco smoking has an effect on CB1 receptors.

Article 1: Nicotine: abused substance and therapeutic agent

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4

Article 5 : Decreased brain cannabinoid CB1 receptor binding in tobacco smokers examined with positron emission tomography

I use an e cig. I was a smoker before. The nicotine helps me with negatives, but that is just me. Remember it is addictive though.

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Yes I know, I’d be okay with the thought of being addicted to something, if it helps me significantly. Does it help you with motivation and pleasure specifically @Jimbob ?

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I use an e cig. It helps with my music I believe. Writing it and performing it. That’s how I feel.


Motivation - a little bit
Pleasure - a little bit more

I would hate to have to give up nicotine. As someone told me it punctuates my day - giving me something to look forward to.

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If I were to start vaping nicotine, I’d be worried about the development of a tolerance to nicotine’s effects on dopamine

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