Nicotine is the worst addiction in some ways

Yesterday I broke my e cig again…didn’t have it for 16 hours. God I woke up pissy today. My dad said"Washington is 6 hours behind us" and I snapped at him “NO it’s 3” and then I fixed my e cig and now I feel great again. At least it doesn’t get you intoxicated but the addiction itself is really really bad.

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Its too easy to get…and its hard as ■■■■ to quit…

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What makes nicotine so hard for me to quit is the fact that I function well on it… Until I end up with COPD or cancer.


I’m one of the lucky ones in that I don’t need tobacco…I’ve been tobacco free two months…the e cig does the trick for me. But when it breaks…I turn into a gremlin

The same. I ordered the wrong atomizers for my tank the other week. They fit but it made my e cig switch to VV and mess up. I couldn’t get a proper hit. After 2 days I was cranky and craving.

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i used to smoke 60 to 70 a day so i know how hard it is to quit. but ive done it

but then again i do lapse f there is a crisis like when my son was gonna go to jail i smoked 20 fags in about 3 hours and drank mi dads whiskey he had to get another bottle

and i dont even drink!!

yeh ya get ratty n stuff.

i quit when i had 200 cigs left in the cupboard and they were here just in case. but 3 months later i gave them to my mate next door


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