Nicotine gum sold out

So I bought patches.


Have you tried nicotine lozenges? They’re pretty good.


can you use a lozenge sublingually. i feel like the should make nicotine orally disintegrating tabs pop one under the tongue let it dissolve and its absorbed much quicker

I order mine over the internet. Two boxes of 170 count. No flavor. Chewing it now.

How were they sold out of nicotine gum?

Yes, thats what I do, just let it dissolve in my mouth over a period of 20 minutes.

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I think all the addicts made a run on the nicotine products. Like the toilet paper
Forgive me if that was an indecent pun…

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Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Yeah. I’ve been ordering it from Target that that
No flavor
I think I was one who joined the protest against them switching to another recipe which all th other brands which are bad for my gums.

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