Nicotine, a treatment for activating minds

I have thought many things. Recently, I have seen some old men in my little town in their 80s. One is a former security police of the nation and another is one old man whom I have seen over a decade. They both smoke tobacco and when I have chatted with them their minds seem be very alert although they are over 80 years old. Could nicotine play a role in this? Maybe pure nicotine could be used to treat people with dementia, Alzheimer or other nonactive mind illnesses. Just my thoughts. What do you think?

Nicotine has shown an ability to help with cognition. There are numerous studies on this. I notice nicotine helps me with my own schizophrenia symptoms, and helps with the side effects of medication, so I vape e cigarettes.

I have a little addiction to nicotine gum, but nicotine activates my mind nicely. It does not bother me. I do not want to smoke it, because smoke, tar etc. cause all those known health problems. It is nicotine I use, i use no alcohol, I have never even tried any drugs. Every morning I wake up and take my meds, then one pill during the day and again my meds in the evening. It is my daily routine.

There has to be something useful in nicotine or so many people wouldn’t take the chance with the negative things it is proven to do.
My grandma was 82 years old when she passed away from heart failure. All my memories of her was with a cigarette (or two, sometimes 3 at once, one in her mouth, one in her hand and one burning in the ashtray) and a large glass of vodka and orange juice in her hand. She had no cognitive problems whatsoever.
My other grandma though, she died at age 56 from a brain Hemorrhage, she was sharp as a tack, but she smoked a pack a day.