Nice moments-Part 2

It happened again. I went to get a blood test today, unfortunately, when I got there, the receptionist told me the order from the doctor was too old so I need a new one. So no test today. I had fasted for 12 hours and I was ravenous and drove around and found a Chinese restaurant. I walked in and there were two women behind the counter and I kinda caught the eyes of one of the women, I had no problem with her of course and I gave her (what I thought) was a friendly look. But she acted like I hurt her feelings. And the other woman was giving her a consoling look. She got really subdued.

I didn’t know what I did wrong. Both women were Chinese. They were both a little plump and both were cute, they almost looked like twins. I hate hurting peoples feelings a lot of the time and I know I was just a customer to them but I felt bad. But then when she waited on me and I started ordering she cheered up and started smiling and so did I and we joked around a little bit and she was really nice. And I thought either she had her feelings hurt by something totally unrelated to me or she read me totally wrong.

But she fixed my food, a huge pile of chow mien and coconut shrimp and when she was dishing up my shrimp I laughed and told her I don’t usually get such fancy food and she put an extra piece of shrimp on, lol. And when the sister rang it up I told her I was just passing by but I was glad I stopped in. Everything ended great, everybody was smiling and happy, I found a spot and parked and ate my food. Another good encounter with people, it happens every now and then. More than I think.


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