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Found this article on goals on the web… I used Ziglar’s method to help me plan out getting married, staying out of the hospital and quitting smoking. Some of his ideas can be a little grandiose for my practical purposes but it’s nice to use to plan out even smaller goals like losing weight or managing finances.

Ziglar Goals pdf


I like it. thank you for posting this. It’s hard keeping up that motivation. I know that’s something that suffers when I slide into negative symptoms.

But if I could remember to break it down in to little bites, I might be able to keep up.

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It always helped me to have something written down on paper to keep everything straight in my head…

Losing weight was always a tough goal for me because I didn’t really appreciate the obstacles involved. It’s also hard to stay motivated on a long term goal when you don’t see much progress from day to day. Sometimes the means to achieving goals can be a little overambitious and unrealistic…i.e. with my weight it doesn’t seem reasonable to me anymore for me to exercise like a maniac to try to lose a pound a week - if I average a quarter or half a pound I feel I am making good enough progress for me…

I think it helps to set a realistic deadline for things… I probably won’t be at the weight I want to be for at least another two years but after two years of gentle dieting and a lot of walking I made some progress already and feel much better physically.

Dealing with negative symptoms makes it hard for me to exercise sometimes but I usually find I can at least watch what I eat and keep my food diary on days I don’t have motivation to move a lot.


I really like the forms that this site provides. When I get home (I’m in the hospital) I will print them out and put them in a notebook or a folder that lets you add pages to it.
Thanks for sharing this.
I heard someone say , " if you aim at nothing, that is what you will attain"
The secret is to start small so that YOU can have some guaranty of success. And from there you can feel brave enough to move forward.


Locamotion - you are absolutely right when you say this. Starting small is the right approach for all of us. Success at smaller things leads to success at larger things.

Thanks for posting!

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