Niacin and vitamin c for negative symptoms

Niacin 3000 mg and vitamin c 3000 mg helps with negative symptoms of schizophrenia.Can’t live with out it just letting people here know.

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I use 3 grams of No-flush Niacin a day, it really helps with the voices. I don’t feel it helping much with motivation though. Still, it’s a fixture in my medicine cabinet.

Do use any medication or just the niacin for the voices

I take 3 mg Paliperidone for what’s left of the voices. Used to take 12 mg (max dose) until I found no-flush Niacin, it allowed me to taper down.

I’m surprised it didn’t help you with negative symptoms I stopped it and felt crippled mostly helps with avolition.

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That’s smart combining it with vitamin C good job.

Some call it quack science, but linus Pauling was a genius who won 2 Nobel prizes. I don’t know. If it works for you great. I’ll stick with my meds and supplements.

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My post was deleted because it was abusive. I didn’t get it.

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